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writing meme!

How long have you been writing for? What made you start? Oh man, I was writing novels in journals before I hit the teen years, and I made my own picture books/poetry anthologies when I was, like, eight.
Did you start with fanfic, and if not - how did you view fanfiction before you tried it for yourself? I started publishing with fanfic, definitely. I kinda tripped into it, to be honest--thank gawd I didn't know what ffnet was when I was writing Digimon self-inserts, haha.
What's the best writing advice you've ever encountered? Not advice exactly, but figuring out how to write a really crappy first draft was invaluable.
What is your biggest struggle when it comes to writing? I tend to use too much description, and I'm not great at establishing setting; it doesn't come naturally to me.
What is the best comment anyone has given you? I absolutely treasure the comments that are like, "This is the X time I've reread this fic" or "I read this when I need cheering up". They make my entire week.
Can you write whenever/wherever, or do you need a certain setup in order to make words happen? I tend to do better with music. It drowns out my inner editor for the most part!
Would you say you have a definite style that can be recognised? Is that something you strive toward, or do you like your writing to be more fluid and maybe unpredictable? Apparently, since I tend to get picked out of a lineup even with anonymous postings, lol. I don't mind. I think I have a pretty distinct sense of humor at this point, but that's my personality so I'm okay with it!
Would you like to collaborate with another writer? If you already have, share something you learned from the experience? I...might? It would be really hard for me to relinquish any creative control though, so maybe not.
How attached do you get to your projects? If you can't seem to finish something, do you let it go or work yourself even harder until you get it out? I'll drop something for years and still potentially come back to it. I never delete anything.
Share a work/excerpt/sentence you're really proud of? I'm really proud of "In a Land of Prats and a Time of Zombies" and "from here to eternity".
I honestly don't get to talk to other writers about their process enough. If there's something about your process you've always wanted to share, please do so here! Hmm, okay, fun fact: I cannot write porn unless the type font is either size 8 or colored white. I just...can't look at sex scenes while they're in progress or I'll shriek and delete everything!
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