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I...still exist??

I feel like my life for the last few months can be summed up as follows:

1. School started out stressful as fuck before my give-a-damn abruptly imploded, leaving me free to ascend to a higher plane of existence (is this Senioritis? will I return to epic levels of Sheer Panic when I have to write a 15/20-page paper for my grad seminar? WHO KNOWS~)

2. U.S. politics are dominating my life and everything is horrifying and I am living off John Oliver and Trevor Noah monologues because I really need the reminder that there are sane people in the world (vote, vote, vote vote vote vote vote vote vote--)

3. I somehow acquired another boyfriend because I have apparently become the type of person who meets guys at con raves so, uh.....this is a thing that's happening (2 months and counting and yeah, go ahead and insert, like, a bunch of heart eye emojis because I am Gone)

I think that pretty much covers it!

Oh, and I went to Italy over the summer (and got stuck there!). That was pretty awesome. 8D
Tags: irl, procrastination whoo~
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